E-mail Hosting.
E-mail Hosting.
Step into the future with Exchange email hosting.


Almost all web hosting providers offer their clients e-mail addresses and a basic email server, through which clients can receive and send e-mails. Some will even offer the server settings so that the clients can set up their phones and e-mail clients (such as Outlook) in order to be able to check the e-mail faster.
Such e-mail servers, are basic in the sense that each user is on its own and cannot share calendars, cannot share mailboxes or have common mailboxes.
The worst part of all, is if you are to send an e-mail from your mobile device, and you also have Outlook connected to the same mailbox, Outlook will not show you that you have sent that e-mail.

Our solution

Using Exchange, you and your employees can:

  • Invite others to calendar events/appointments – and when such event is modified, the update is sent across to all invitees
  • Share calendars
  • Share contacts and distribution groups
  • Create distribution groups
  • Keep mailboxes in sync across all devices and e-mail clients (such as Outlook)
  • Have the contacts, notes, and tasks created in Outlook automatically sync on the mobile devices or vice-versa
  • much more…

How are we different than the competition?

  • The lowest price on the market – before we started this service, we shopped around to see how much it costs
  • Unlimited mailbox size – Everything we were able to find started at 2GB/mailbox
  • Mailbox backup included
  • 30 days retention policy on deleted e-mail – built-in the Exchange server – although the mailbox backup allows us to go further back*
  • Barracuda spam filtering included with daily quarantine reports

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*If you don’t have a support agreement with us, the time spent on recovering deleted e-mails will be charged at our hourly rate.